English 12

Units of Study

  1. Week 1:

    Literary Elements

  2. Week 2:

    How to discuss literature / Short Stories

  3. Week 3:

    Short Stories Continued

  4. Week 4:

    Essay writing

  5. Week 5:

    More literature discussion

  6. Week 6:

    Synthesis essay writing

  7. Week 7:

    Documentary – Jonestown

  8. Week 8:

    Original composition

  9. Week 9:

    Novel Study – The Kite Runner

  10. Week 10:

    The Kite Runner

  11. Week 11:

    The Kite Runner

  12. Week 12:

    The Kite Runner

  13. Week 13:

    Poetry Interpretation

  14. Week 14:

    Writing about poetry

  15. Week 15:

    Writing about poetry continued

  16. Week 16:

    Poetry project/ Provincial exam prep

  17. Week 17

    Provincial exam prep


Ministry of Education – English 12 Learning Outcomes Link

Recommended prerequisites:

Although the Ministry of Education does not require a prerequisite for this course, students need to be working at a grade 12 level to be successful in the course.


Most of the material needed is provided on line; however, you will require the novel “The Kite Runner”. If you are unable to find a copy of the novel, you may get one from Riverside Centre but you will be required to leave a deposit of $50 (the book deposit will be 100% refunded when the novel is returned to the school)


  • Questions: 40%
  • Essays/paragraphs: 40%
  • Projects/discussions: 20%

All Class work is worth 60% of your final mark.  The Provincial exam is worth 40% of your final mark.  The two marks will be blended together to arrive at your final mark.

Students not writing the provincial exam will do an in-class final exam.

*Students not writing the provincial exam will be required to come into Riverside Centre to write a final exam.

Student Responsibilities

Students are expected to log onto the course and to submit one assignment (or have contact with their instructor) each week.  Students who do not log onto the course or keep in contact with their instructor on a weekly basis will be viewed as having withdrawn from their online course and will be notified by their instructor that they are being withdrawn from the course.  Students who withdraw from an online course are not allowed by Ministry of Education regulations to retake the same online course for two reporting periods.


If you are having problems and need to speak to us, contact us.