Student Aide 12

Student Aide 12 is a 4-credit course.

Students will work with other, (generally younger), students enrolled in Summer Learning courses. Most students will be assigned to a teacher, and will work with students in individual, small-group, and classroom settings. In addition, some students will also be assisting the office and administration, especially during startup and at the close of Summer Learning.

Student aides will gain skills in building relationships, cooperatively working with peers and adults, planning, leadership, and much more. Having taken Student Aide looks great on a resume, especially for those students who plan to go onto a career working with children and youth, such as education and social work.

Assessment will be based on mentor teacher feedback, my evaluation, and student self-evaluation. What this process looks like may vary from student to student, but it will be developed in consultation with all three parties. Students will be required to present demonstration of their growth as peer mentors and teacher assistants. This may take the form of a journal, reflective essay, etc.