Dogwood Graduation

B.C. Adult Graduation Diploma (Adult Dogwood)

Students over the age of 18 have the choice of pursuing graduation Adult Dogwood Diploma (20 credits)

Learners must be 18 or older to be an “adult learner” and take courses as credit towards their Adult Graduation Diploma.

Courses can be taken at school district continuing education centres, or as part of the Adult Basic Education (ABE) program at a post-secondary institution.

Required Courses: (5 courses x 4cr = 20 credits)

Required courses

English 12 or Communications 12 4cr
Math 11 or 12 4cr

Elective courses (min. 3)


Courses and credits can be counted from the public secondary and post-secondary systems provided they have met the criteria for equivalency.

Adult learners may also get credit recognition for current or past work skills or competencies or for post-secondary training courses they have completed.

Adult learners are not required to complete the Graduation Numeracy or Literacy Assessments.

View the BC Graduation Program PDF here.