Graduation Program

Student Evaluation and Grading Procedures

Performance in a credit course is evaluated by a percentage and a letter grade. Success
on assignments, projects and tests will determine your score. Each instructor will issue a
list of requirements at the beginning of the course and will explain how your marks will
be earned.

Generally, the following percentages are used as a guideline for assigning marks:

A – 86% and higher
C – 60 – 66%
B – 73 – 85%
C+ – 67 – 72%
C – 50 – 59%
I – Incomplete
F – Not completed within the contracted time.
S.G. – Standing Granted
W – Withdrawal

BC Graduated Students:

BC Ministry of Education sends out updated Official Transcripts for Graduated students once a year, in August.

If you need your updated Transcript at an earlier date, you must order your updated transcript from the Ministry of Education.

Use the Transcripts Certificate Request Form at

Did you know: The Ministry can forward your transcript directly to a post-secondary institution or organization of your choice. Simply indicate your choice in the „send transcript to‟ portion of the form.

Before ordering your updated transcript verify all courses are updated on the Student Secure Web. To view your current Ministry of Education transcript, go to the Student Secure Web:

Demonstrate excellent work habits and obtain an ‘Order of Distinction’ Certificate.