Foundations Literacy Program


The Literacy Foundations program is designed to help you improve your skills in English, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Information and Communications Technology in preparation for employment and/or further studies at the grade 10, 11 and 12 levels. If you need to improve your skills in any of these areas, this program is for you!

  1. Literacy Language Arts Foundations Levels 1 and 2: Ideal course for students who need basic English skills in reading (fundamental vocabulary), writing (basic grammar), listening and speaking (pronunciation and conversation.)
  2. Literacy Language Arts Foundations Levels 3 and 4: This course is for students who need to improve their fundamental English skills focusing on reading (increased vocabulary and comprehension), writing (intermediate grammar), listening and speaking (pronunciation and conversation.
  3. Literacy Language Arts Levels 5 – 7: This course offers intermediate and advanced skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening in English.
  4. Literacy Foundations English Language Arts Level 5/6/7: Companion – Writing: Ideal course for students who need to increase their writing skills. The focus will be on academic writing in preparation for Grade 10 English. Students will learn about the writing process to improve paragraph and essay structures.

Read our Course Descriptions in Other Languages:

  1. Farsi
  2. Spanish
  3. Korean
  4. Mandarin
  5. Punjabi

Notes for Foundations classes:

  1. Students must make an appointment with an advisor to register. Please call 604-466-6555 Ext. 1 to book an appointment.
  2. New students must take an assessment test before registering.
  3. Students who complete ELSA 3 will normally be assessed and placed into the English Foundations program between levels 3 and 5.
  4. Students will progress through the Foundations program at varying rates according to a number of factors including: previous education, hours of attendance, and how often skills are practiced on a daily basis outside the classroom.