Frequently Asked Questions

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    When is Registration?

    Fall registration begins August 30th / First Day of classes Sept 11, 2017.

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    What do I need to Register?

    You need to bring: Photo ID, proof of Canadian citizenship, and proof of BC residency (See lists under Registration section). You can print off the PDF of the Registration Form complete it and bring it with you.

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    Who Can Enroll?

    Our classes are intended to serve adults. People who are 17 years and older may register for Continuing Education courses. All students are expected to conduct themselves in a safe respectful manner in accordance with the Continuing Education code of conduct.

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    What is an Academic advisor?

    An Academic Advisor is someone with training/experience who will help set you up with the best program to suit your needs, whether they be the 2004 grad program, the Adult Dogwood, Graduation, Scholarship or Bursary information or planning for Post secondary. Please call 640-466-6555 to book an appointment.

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    Holidays and Cancelations

    Classes that are postponed or cancelled due to snow or emergency situations are made up at the end of the semester, whenever possible. Continuing Education is closed for all public holidays.

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    Continuing Ed. Accepts payment by Mastercard, Visa, cheque, cash or debit.

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    If you pay by Cheque, Cash or debit card the processing you your refund will take between 6 – 8 weeks.

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    Textbook Return Policy

    If you return your textbook within 4 weeks of course completion, and it is in good condition you will quality for a full refund.

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    What is an online course?

    Self-paced, continuous entry. In most courses you can start at any time (up to April when registration for this year is cut off) and learn at your own pace with the support of an expert online teacher. Your entire course will be delivered and assessed on the computer. You must have your own computer and home internet available.

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    Language Requirements?

    Proficiency in English is a necessary skill in order to participate in High School Credit courses. Students may be asked to withdraw from a course if their English language skills are not appropriate. As ESL assessment may be necessary.

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    What are the dates for Provincial Exams this year?

    To locate the dates for upcoming provincial exams visit the provincial exam page.
    Provincial Exam Schedule

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    When do the semesters begin and end?

    Fall Semester - September 11 to January 19
    Spring Semester - February 5 to June 15
    Graduation Ceremony is June 14 at 7:00pm

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